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Italian Style Courgette SoupItalian Style Courgette Soup

 This is a great recipe for a glut of courgettes. The creamy soup covers tender, diced pieces of courgette that add a contrasting texture.

Courgette Basil & Ricotta TartCourgette Basil & Ricotta Tart

This fresh, rustic tart will be a tasty addition to any summer table and is another way to enjoy some of the season's best produce.

Chicken & Leek Pie

Simply delicious pie that you just have to try!

Rhubarb & Grenadine CrumbleRhubarb & Grenadine Crumble
This has a great twist, the Grenadine adds great colour and taste to the rhubarb that will add that something special to your dessert!

Courgette & Mushroom CannelloniCourgette & Mushroom Cannelloni

 Proving once more how versatile the humble courgette is, this dish is a must try!

Cheesy Leek CrumbleCheesy Leek Crumble

Simply delicious pie that you just have to try!

Smoked Salmon, Leek, and Dill FrittataSmoked Salmon Leek and Dill Frittata
This has to be a celabration of young leeks fresh from the allotment!

Salmon & Leek Parcels

Much easier to prepare than it looks this is a favourite in the Pettit household!

Mediterranean Couscous Cabbage RollsMediterranean Couscous Cabbage Rolls
Make your cabbage crops something really special with this tasty dish

Irish Stew with ParsnipsIrish Stew with Parsnips
The Parsnips are by no means traditional in this recipe and are optional but my wife loves them so what you going to do? 


Leek Recipes
With their unique combination of flavonoids and sulfur-containing nutrients, the allium vegetables belong in your diet on a regular basis.  Here we have put together a few great Leek recipes!

Brassica Recipes
Brassicas cover a truly massive array of crops from Khol Rabi to the humble Turnips, Cabbages and Broccolis and I have tried to offer up some varied recipes for you to try!

courgette tartlets870
Courgettes for me have to be one of the most versatile ingredinents there is, so easy to grow too!  Here are some of my easiest and favourite dishes!

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