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Growing CourgettesGrowing Courgettes

 Courgettes are epic fruiters, and easy to grow, once the fruit gets going they seem to double in size every day and as general rule they are best pick when 4-8in in length, or if round type slightly larger than a cricket ball.  Don't plant too many as they seem to be constant cropers and the more you harvest the more they seem to produce.

The Courgette

The key to growing courgettes and summer squash is to not plant too many of them as they are super producers.  In the height of summer each plant will probably produce as many as 4 fruits each, so if you plant 10 plants you are going to be able to supply a supermarket!  For the average family two or three green type courgette plats, plus a couple of yellow or may be round ones and for a little bit different how about an unusual shaped variety?

Benefits of Leeks

  • Low in calories
  • Great source of beta carotene
  • Useful source of vitamin C and folate


  • Can't think of one.
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