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Please take some time in reading this section carefully as it will guide you through the protocols of what is expected of each persons holding an allotment and their visitors to the allotment sites.

Every allotment holder, their family and visitors has a duty of care to other allotment holders and their visitors and must stay within the rules governing the allotment sites.

Mowers, Strimmers etc.

All property of the HPAA is for the use of every allotment holder equally, and must only be used in the manner it was intended for. Any members found to be in breach of these conditions of use will have their privileges revoked. Now we all know accidents can happen and some of the equipment is getting on a little, but it is inspected every year for safety, and it is the responsibility of the last user to report any malfunctions to their letting officer immediately. No blame will be apportioned we just need to know what is broken and roughly how it occurred so a repair can be made as speedily as possible.

Old Site Equipment.

There are two petrol mowers on the Old Site, there uses are explained below:

THE RED MOWER: This if a rough cutter, NOT a brush cutter and is for use on the more uneven pathways only, NOT for use as a brush cutter IE if your plot is a bit wild and over grown use the STRIMMER!

The Green Mower: This is for pathways that are level and not too long and definitely NOT for use as a brush cutter.

Please Note: the Strimmer runs on a Two-Stroke mix and the mowers on straight unleaded petrol, please make sure the correct fuel is added to the correct device.

Fuel and Oil: Fuel is provided for use only in HPPA equipment if allotment members bring their own equipment please bring your own fuel too. 

If you use the last of either the fuel or oil please contact your letting officer so it can be replenished, their telephone numbers on the Members Info page

New Site Equipment

We will soon have a brand new shed on the allotment site, with a brand new strimmer and good quality petrol mower, however to avoid costly repair bills the HPAA has had to bare in the past on the Old Site, the equipment is only to be used after members have attended the Letting Officers Training Programme on how to safely used the equipment.

More details to follow.

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