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HPAA Rules

Our rules are simple and easy to understand, please read them carefully and abide by them

Hatfield Peverel Allotment Association (HPAA) 2015/2016 Membership and Rules

By joining Hatfield Peverel Allotment Association you accept the rules of membership below.

1) Sheds must not exceed 8 by 6 feet. All sheds, tools and items of value are left at owners risk. HPAA cannot accept liability for losses. HPAA has third party Public Liability Insurance only. 

2) Members are responsible for cutting the grass around their plots and keeping plots neat and tidy.

3) No livestock is to be kept on either site. No bees are to be kept on the Old site. Bees may be kept on the New site but only by fully trained and insured keepers who are also members of the Bee Keeping Association (a mandatory requirement). Bees are to be located on the New site in the agreed and designated area only.

4) Waste should be composted, recycled or removed from sites. Compost areas must be kept tidy.

5) Local bylaws permit burning of waste but general courteousness is to be observed in consideration
of local residents and other members. Check wind direction before lighting.

6) In accordance with the lease, product from the allotments may not be sold. Members in breach of this rule will indemnify the Association, Officers and Committee members against any action taken
by the landlord. Failure to observe the rule will result in automatic termination of membership.

7) Vehicular access is only allowed on the New Site. This is only for loading and unloading of tools, produce, building materials and manure, and only when the ground is suitable.

8) Failure to cultivate plots by the end of April each year will result in forfeiture of tenure unless there are extenuating circumstances accepted by the Committee. No refund of rent or membership subscriptions will be given as costs will have been incurred by the Association.  Please read our Cultivation Policy carefully

9) Conduct detrimental to the interest of members of the Association, or falling below an acceptable standard, may result in the Committee terminating membership. No refund of rent or membership
subscriptions will be given as costs will have been incurred by the Association.

10) It is each member's responsibility to pay annual rents and subscriptions by October 1st each year.

Any member one month in arrears will cease to be a member unless the Committee agrees to an extension period. No sub-letting is allowed.

11) Children are admitted to the sites only under the plot holder member's supervision.

12) Dogs must be supervised and kept on a lead at all times. Dogs must not foul allotments or footpaths.

13) No trees other than dwarf rootstock fruit trees may be planted (maximum height 8 feet)

14) The Officers may keep details of membership on computer medium. Officers may only use this information for pursuing membership matters.

15) It is not permitted to use heavy machinery, tractors or excavators, without prior Committee approval.

16) Hose pipes are not to be used as this would disqualify the Association from agricultural water rates.

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